19 February 2008

The usual suspects

Democracy back online in Pakistan. Fiedel Castro resigns. Clinton tries to shoot down Obama for borrowing part of a speech from a friend (please don't let this matter...). Feminists blame Clinton's falling behind on sexism. Swiss bank Julius Baer spawns a court order to close down wikileaks.org after hundreds of documents about its offshore activities were posted anonymously on the site (!!@£$%). Finally, Microsoft DreamSpark provides students with free development tools. Clever move.

Joseph Stiglitz discusses globalization (FORA.tv, 1h36min). Slow at the start and an annoying eh-frequency, but the man was not awarded a nobel prize for nothing. Note: when asked about the recent upswing in the economy of Africa he replies: "What's making a difference for Africa is China. China is now giving more aid, for infrastructure for example, than the World Bank and the African Development Bank combined". To be compared with the 0.15% of GDP the US spends foreign aid (i.e. one fifth of the 0.7% target agreed on by advanced industrial countries). Also, Charles Anderson explains in serious depth what biofuels are and which ones are worth the hype (googletechtalks, 59min).
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