20 February 2008


Male chimps do not know or care for their offspring. Females cooperate in caring for their children, and young chimps are therefore acutely aware of the rise and fall of alliances between females.

Far as I understand. How do the bonobos do it I wonder.

Semi-decent 34 min lecture on clinical trials. Alternatively there's 'An Introduction to the Methods and Ethics of Clinical Trials' on iTunes (54min) that's a bit less formal.

Nicholas Hope talks about the awakening of Asia, prospects for 2008 and the future (1hr13min). A lot of the economics is over my head but it's a very good lecture, particularly the Q&A session starting at about 50min, which focuses on corruption in China. Hope also makes the interesting observation that India, unlike China, does not have a large aging population for the younger generation to take care of.

Daniel Ellsberg, who made the Pentagon Papers public during the Vietnam War, draws paralells between Big Brother government during that and the current war (UChannel, 67min). Excellent talk. Great voice.

Pretty interesting article on why it's ok to be sad (hat-tip Laura).

Finally, WikiLeaks survives thanks to a Swedish server that specializes in websites hunted by the establishment (e.g. The Pirate Bay). Whooooo!
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