22 January 2008

A stateless society?

Hah, seems youtube didn't eat my comment after all. AND Stefan actually replied:

Me: Stefan, the reason I can't take you all that seriously is that even if the Bush administration fits the picture of this horrible peadophile moster you make the state out to be, the same just isn't true of the Swedish government (I'm Swedish) that provided bunkers for every citizen during the Cold War etc. If you could just take a more balanced view and admit that there are SOME benefits to top-down control..

Stefan: So you don't mind that the Swedish government will shoot parents if they don't pay for state indoctrination?

Me: It depends completely on what the government is asking me to accept, that's my point. I prefer a society where certain good (yes, good, as in high quality) rules are enforced by force because I don't have the same faith in human nature (free rational choice, free market principles, freedom, whatever you want to call it) as you do. Not all governments are monsters.

I hope he'll reply again but I doubt it.
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