21 January 2008

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On the possible role of quantum computing in brain function. I'd be lying if I said I understood 2% of the two preceeding lectures but this third one simply hints at how the principles of quantum computing, now recognized as a real phenomena, may be harnessed in the brain (which would mean that Penrose, Searle and others are actually right!). To top it off the guy's final piece of evidence rests on how great psychadelics are :D:D

Stefan Molyneux goes nuts about the film Lions for Lambs :) I haven't actually seen the film but it's definitely one of Stefan's more engaging attacks on the state. Posted the following comment but as usual I think youtube ate it: "Stefan, the reason I can't take you all that seriously is that even if the Bush administration fits the picture of this horrible peadophile moster you make the state out to be, the same just isn't true of the Swedish government (I'm Swedish) that provided bunkers for every citizen during the Cold War etc. If you could just take a more balanced view and admit that there are SOME benefits to top-down control.."

Professional hacker Pablos Holmen on what a hacker can do with our beloved web and gadgets.

Juan Enriquez on the biological revolution.
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