21 September 2010

Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science - Facebook Page

I recently set up and will now manage the Facebook Page of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science and the Neurodynamics and Consciousness Lab at the University of Sussex. These are interdiciplinary groups headed by Dr Anil Seth. There's also a Twitter account.

Part of the mission statement:
How do conscious experience, subjectivity and free will arise from the brain and the body? Even in the late 20th century, consciousness was considered by many to be beyond the reach of science. Now, understanding the neural mechanisms underlying consciousness is recognized as a key objective for 21th century science. Powerful new combinations of functional brain imaging, computational modelling and basic neurobiology bring real hope that human ingenuity can resolve this central mystery of life. Practically, an enhanced understanding of consciousness will transform clinical approaches to a wide range of neurological and psychiatric disorders, from coma to insomnia, from depression and schizophrenia to autism and dementia...
More info at the University website: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/sackler

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