12 September 2009

At the International Neuromodulation Society conference in Seoul 2

05.40. Lesson 1: if you're flying east and have to be up at 5 local time the second morning, do give yourself more than two days to re-set your bodyclock. got maybe 4 hrs sleep. should be interesting. shit. on a train now, practising the talk and wondering whether there really will be 'continental breakfast' at the conference centre.

10.02. The conference is small compared to SfN of course. Maybe 200-250 people here, not enough to fill either of the two 400 seat conference halls where all talks take place. However! There's free coffee and excellent food! And comfy tables in front of the chairs in the conference halls. There's another big hall packed with mammoth booths by Medtroic, St Jude Neuromodulation, Boston Scientific etc. St Jude serves good coffee.

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