14 May 2009

Big words

existential density
natural selection
a conscious chaos that won't let go

new desire
a new desire, worth living and dying for
a war of words
bare bones
brain bled dry
icy sun rising

it won't stop till you wise up you know
accept it
it's the purest rage of frustration you've ever felt, nothing more

pointless behaviour and moral ignorance
dopaminergic logic
the instinct trickling down your spine
and in the woods, animals eat eachoter

emphasise the creation of positive feedback loops
stop stressing
it is warmer on the other side
nothing can be red and green all over, yet this is irreducible to logic

what's your configuration?
why this obsession with relative inferiorities; with desires turned into systems?
you're a healthrisk
you're social sugar

sexual attention
expression of affection and psychadelic drugs
anatomy of the medial forebrain bundle

listen, it's simple
stay optimistic
try new things
and exercise self-control
the world, my friend, is an extension of the breast: it was Socrates who erected the idea of a different world; an anti-monism; an appearance-reality split

but i digress

scientific expressionism
flattening our subjectivity; our private religion
man as a meaning making machine
an intellectual smuggler
profoundly disrupted by technology
seeking physical and spiritual release

and that is the intellectual and moral spirit of the age
a neurobiology of meaning
skipping from urge to urge
impulse to consume information; calories; dopamine - it's all the same
a crowded skull
a brain distrustful of its own frontal lobes

frontal lobes... I look forward to a day when amygdala, frontal lobe and midbrain will be as familiar to people as heart, lung and liver; when people know their DNA, brain structure and chemical profile as they now know shoe size, blood group and favourite food

emancipation from folk psychology
embracing disenchantment
true self-governance
and never again accepting a normative value as a fact


imagine how the world will change as we gain more controll over the chemistry of our own minds
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