26 March 2009

Idiot (update 3)

I just deleted my most frequently viewed youtube video by accident.

Very unhappy now.

It was called 'What is dopamine?' and is still available here on facebook but I seem to be too stupid to capture the sound without muffling it.

I put up $1 on Mahalo for anyone who can help me get it back but I had a look around myself and I'm not hopeful. Started a YouTube forum discussion too.

Maybe this is an opportunity to do a new one, speak slower and so on. Great.

Update: Mahalo linked me to a YouTube forum that already covered this. No undelete. Fuck.

Update 2: Laura linked me to a greasemonkey script that let me download the facebook video. It's now back on YouTube :)

Update 3: The video got picked up by Bora Zivkovic over at Scienceblogs.com :)

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