17 February 2009


I dodged a bullet last night. The week ahead will not be pretty, I'll be depressed, but at least I didn't make it worse. Now I have a chance of climbing out of the hole.

I'm 25. I'm a neuroscience DPhil student (they call it a 'PhD' across the pond). I study the electrical properties of isolated cells and ganglia. I've been a DPhil student for 7 months, but I've worked on this project for two years - I know what I'm doing, sort of.

On the side I work on a web-based science outreach project. I find the ease with which human consciousness, will, thought and feeling can be 'reduced' to the science of monoamines and neural networks awesome, in the true sense of the word, and I try to communicate that growing understanding.

I run, though my waistline seems to be growing faster than my self-discipline. I'm in a weekly creative writing group; I still find it difficult to write about stuff other than brains or sex or death. I see a psychoanalyst twice weeekly, which is great, but at the moment it's killing my budget. I don't know how or if I'm ever gonna make any serious money.
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