06 November 2008

Some notes

By the time Obama leaves office (2016) a lot of conservative baby boomers will have died, and the US electorate will be more ethnically and culturally mixed. Unless the Obama administration screws up in some major way (e.g. the relations they form or fail to form with Russia, China and South America) it is hard to see how republicans could recover their previous dominance. Maybe the next turning point will be bioethics - at what point in the development of new biotechnologies do people decide that the liberal slope is getting too slippery; at what point do we start hearing unanimous calls to ban transhumanism; at what point does biotechnology become the new abortion/gay marriage? Maybe it never gets to that point, but i sure wonder what Obama's bioethics council will look like..

In other Obama related news: the roundtable on today's Democracy Now is soberingly critical of his foreign policy, particularly regarding Israel and Afghanistan.
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