03 October 2008

Step step

Wake up to excited go online for news of the VP debate. Funny how the day always starts with what happened in the US the previous evening. But there's nothing new. Book a free trip to attend the Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington in November. Fill the Google calendar with guest lectures, seminars and courses on neuroscience, cognitive science and programming; get an introduction to Java from the library. Drink three cups of coffee. Little or no iPod, not today, not when the nervous system is finally starting to accept its new circumstances and generate the good routines. Lab work. Sandwiches with fried egg for lunch. The small efforts that prevent social isolation and serotonin depletion. Like sitting in the kitchen/livingroom with my books instead of in my own room; listening to the conversation flow seamlessly between English and Swahili.
But nothing lasts, so off for a run, over the railway tracks, up the hill and through the woods and out on a vast strech of dead, plowed earth, field, hill, whatever. Massive ups and downs, out on a gyrus overlooking sulci and further waves of the hills and the motorway, campus, forest and sunset beyond. All the while with Kieth Olbermann framing the debate in my iPod/ears/Wernicke.
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