02 September 2008


C: i've got a question

L: yea?

C: we're able to, indeed encouraged to, donate organs. when it's possible to donate bits of the nervous system, what will people say? will we donate on not?

L: live donation or after death?

C: like donate your visual cortex to someone who lost sth in trauma. if your heart's about to go out or sth
not many deaths are CNS

L: thats the thing. brain doesnt stay fresh very long. it wouldnt be feasible for accidents and such. only if you're like: okay, lets turn of the machines now

C: no but for people dying in hospital bed

L: i can imagine a lot of ppl having issues w that. personality and such

C: could you donate a whole brain? it might be easier actually ;)
of course

L: likely (the easier bit, not the could you bit)
i guess you could start w donating spinal cord. thats fairly unpersonal

C: or adrenal gland.

L: move up from there
thats not nervous system tho

C: no?

L: ppl get thyroids implanted, no?

C: is to me

L: noooo

C: don't kno

L: its connected
but endocrine system, strictly speaking

C: is sex steroids and cortisol and all them tho!

L: yea yea. neuroendrocinology is a beautiful thing. a lot of those hormones are systemic in nature tho. bottom up control of brain, not nervous system, at least certainly not cns
i wonder if you could graft a piece of visual cortex into someone else's brain
connections and stuff

C: or frontal..

L: better than going blind maybe, but prob v difficult
or that..
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