28 August 2008

Please check that the toilets are vacant before turning off the lights

TVO | Big Ideas | Audio Podcast - Big Ideas - Big Ideas Big Ideas - January 24 2004: Zach Hall (60min) This is one of those very rare neuroethics lectures that doesn't stink. Maybe because Zach Hall is a neuroscientist. Good stuff. To be contrasted with University Channel Consortium - UChannel Podcast - UChannel Podcast Leon Kass - The Dignity of Human Flourishing: Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Happiness (1hr43min) which I post here only as a reference. I strongly advice you NOT to listen to this lecture - the experience is very very very painful. Leon Kass is a profoundly bioconservative, former member of the bioethics council of the American philosopher George W Bush. In case of accidental exposure, quickly watch the following debate and remind yourself repeatedly that Kass's amygdalae are hypersensitive to any mention of changing human nature and his Brocca is desperately trying to work out why.
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