05 August 2008

A Christian bioethics podcast

One of the reasons biotechnology is so meaningful/important/salient/dopaminergic to me is that it catalyses thinking about the larger existential picture, in everyone. It puts us face to face with what life and human beings really are, what we think they are, and what we want them to be.

Like transhumanists, Christians are often seriously annoying. But say what you will, at least they take the existential challenge of biotechnology seriously. Like transhumanists, Christians have enough courage and imagination to strive for immortality and the transcendence of the human body. Unlike humanists and existentialists, they the have good sense to reject, violently, the assertion that this life, this absurd affair right here, is it.

No surprise then that one of the best the best bioethics podcast I've come across so far is from the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, a Christian think-tank.

One quote:
"One of the things I suggest is that these techno-sentimentalists don't address the real problem. They see the technology as evil and therefore they don't in any way try to take responsibility for the reactions that they have to these technologies. So I would suggest that while their criticisms and cautions are helpful, they can only take us so far, because most of us live in a world that's getting ever more immersed in technology, not less." - Michael Sleasman
The Bioethics Podcast Michael Sleasman - The Bioethics Podcast - The Bioethics Podcast

The painting is by Emin Sinanyan, and is called 'LABYRINTH: Maybe I'm Crazy'.
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