15 July 2008

Self-discipline induces misery in hypofrontal primates

Up at 8. Low GI cereal, muesli or sandwich, cup of coffee and a glass of water. Stroll down to the lab. Work for 2-3 hours. Light lunch, preferably low GI sandwich with plenty of green in it, made the night before to save money. More coffee. Finish early, 4-5pm. Stroll back home and go for a run or to the gym. Leave plenty of time for cooking. Dinner before 8, not too much, not always meat, finish with fruit. In bed before 11.

If repeated over several days this protocol will convince a low-DA/hypofrontal brain (an ADD brain, an 'impulsive' brain) that its reproductive fitness is rapidly decreasing and that it must re-enter a high-DA state by any means necessary (e.g. bingeing, risk-taking, self-destruction, unrealistic thinking). To maintain the protocol, the low-DA/hypofrontal brain must introduce additional DA supplies (reinforcers) at strategic, well-defined points. The exercise component of the protocol will initially reduce DA, but may eventually become a DA supply in and of itself as stamina builds and endorphin signaling becomes more efficient. Other DA supplies may include novelty, exploration, sociability, intimacy, meditation, relaxation, construction and rewarding brain stimulation.
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