16 June 2008

Sweden goes China

Right, I don't actually know any more than what I've read in Dagens Nyheter lately, but it appears that the Swedish government is about to ratify (on wednesday) a law allowing the department of defence to intercept and read suspicious internet traffic crossing Sweden's borders. Untill now I've been willing, very willing even, to give the new, right-wing government the benefit of a doubt, but this shit right here stinks.

Right? Are there there a lot of threats to Swedish national security that we don't know about? Is this law likely to save a hundred Lilja-4-evers every year? Or has Fredrik Reinfeldt lost his mind and decided he has no interest in getting re-elected? If I was as anti-right-wing as most Swedes are, that last option might seem like the most likely one, but somehow it doesn't sound right. Speak Fredrik! What are you doing?? We had almost started considering maybe trusting you.

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