07 June 2008

Live and learn

It should be clear by now that I've got a learning problem, but unfortunately I've got a learning problem and this salient fact still hasn't registered properly. Take the pizza I had today for example. It wasn't even very good and I still gorged it, with three servings of oily pizza salad and a sugary soda. I wasn't exactly surprised when sickening lethargy was squeezing the life-blood out of my mood and stomach fifteen minutes later, but if I had anticipated it - if I had properly imagined it at the time I sat down at the restaurant - maybe I would have had something with more fiber and less saturated fat for dinner. Something less tasty.

Forgive me this humorless rant but if I can't learn from past mistakes like a normal mammal the least I can do is write them down. Failure to re-evaluate established reward-contingencies is a hallmark of attention deficit disorders and an underactive dopamine system. The natural extinction of behaviors that are no longer reinforcing, or that have become associated with additional, negative outcomes, is impaired. Perhaps the free will gland is disrupted. Appetite, in one form or another, overrides reason.

Anyway, note to self: huge portions of pizza and pizza salad are a waste of time.
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