09 April 2008

Book contract

Almost as good as a studentship on one of the BSR or DBS teams, or a strong financial backer, would be a publisher; a 12 month advance payment book contract, just enough to live, £10.000 say, and at the end of it the delivery of a manuscript, 200-300 pages, continuing what I've written so far. Research would start with interviews: an email to each and every BSR/DBS lab, institutional review board, brain surgeon, ethics committee and lawyer I could find; see who's got time for an interview, lunch, a phonecall. I'd do my presentation wherever they'd take me and collect responses, interest, develop the community and the roadmap. I'd get the T-shirts printed, register a company, watch and write. I'd go to Spain and find Delgado in his old age, see Asia; sample their conceptualizations and reactions to this half real, half imaginary existential paradigm-shift; this chunk of neuroscientific expressionism.
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