31 March 2008

Omte back in the lab

Daniel Nocera and Angela Belcher - The Role of New Technologies in a Sustainable Energy Economy (1h32min, iTunes). I found this one particularly interesting because Daniel is both an expert in energy and a provocateur regarding the climate change solutions we usually hear about. For example, everyone would have to adopt the lifestyle of the people of Equatorial New Guinea for worldwide energy expenditure to approach a level that's even remotely manageable in terms of green energy. Which makes the silly Earth Hour seem... well, silly. Daniel's solution is new technology, specifically solar power. I agree. And so did the Londoners.

Christine Peterson - Thinking Longer-Term About Technology (58min, iTunes). A very good talk about if and how we can predict future technologies. Mentions something called prediction markets that have made a business out of this. Christine founded Foresight Nanotech Institute and says she has a blog but I can't find it.

Craig Venter - Joining 3.5 billion years of microbial invention (1h49min, FORA.tv). Man Craig is becoming a rock star. Easy to see why though.
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