25 February 2008

We don't have a plan so nothing can go wrong

I'm going home for a month on friday. A much needed break.

The singularity: rapture of the nerds. Some transhumanist-bashing on a tuesday night. Relatedly, Hugo Award winning legend Vernor Vinge talks about the future of mankind if the technological singularity does NOT happen (1h31min). A somewhat annoying presentation but a very important thought experiment.

But back on track, Aubrey talks about ageism (as in racism, sexism) (5min, Big Think). Fantastic little clip, please watch it.

Ralph Nader decides to run as the third US presidential candidate. I don't know if this is ok (the man has an important message) or irresponsible, since his measly 0-3% of the votes is likely to be all Democrat. Many if not all Democrats rightly blame him for Al Gore's loss against You Know Who in 2000. To this Nader says: "If Democrats can't landslide the Republicans this year, they ought to just wrap up, close down, emerge in a different form." Do we(they..?) really have time for stunts at the moment? He will make McCain seem less old and Obama less like.. well.. you know - someone who's actually not evil for a change.


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