10 January 2008

Today's catch

An article by Verne Kopytoff on the Google job application process.
A talk by Elisabeth Lane Lawley on Googling versus social recomendation.

And from Freedomain Radio:
The Virginia Tech Shootings: An Analysis. Very good.
Funny talk on how to find and have a good relationship.
Why are women so unhappy? This one may piss a lot of women/feminists off. Try desperately to ignore the first 17 seconds macho impersonation. The rest of the talk is Stefan using an Ayn Rand (ish) intepretation of 1920s-1970s feminist politics to explain why women are not as happy as men (which apparently is the case..?). A poor and disconnected analysis compared to Howard Zinn & co, and no discussion of how to solve the problem (e.g. good, safe communal childcare) but an interesting/provocative talk nonetheless.
Why we are so different from our parents. Yea maybe but what about learning from the past and respecting our elders and stuff?
Free will. After a genial first hour he suddenly tries to solve the whole problem by doing a modified Searle/Kant, saying that free will is a presupposition of debate itself, so that as a (potential) determinist I am acting irrationally (he even refers to it as lack of integrity) if I try to debate free will with anyone. He'll try to sell you some other murky stuff like how it's impossible to love if you don't believe in free will.
Finally, here's Stefan providing an excellent critique of Ayn Rand's ethics. It's a damn shame he seems to have no qualms about the rest of her stuff, but I'm not sure, I've only just discovered this exceptionally productive talent.
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