30 January 2008


Very very VERY interesting psychoanalysis of George Bush. A lot of things I didn't know about him: the death of his sister, cruelty to animals, constant anxiety. Very much worth watching.

A googletechtalk on Science Commons - the science arm of Creative Commons. I really need to take a closer look at all this, particularly Neurocommons.

Chris Anderson, editor of WIRED, talks (only 16 min) about the 'four stages of any new technology': critical price (often $400..?); critical number of units distributed; displacement of existing technologies; technology becomes free.

Since John McCain is winning on the republican side I decided to watch the candidates@google featuring him. Yuck. Seriously. Us/them, forces of evil. If he wins there'll be a strain on the world for years to come. Funny how the audience rips him appart at the end though
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