23 December 2007

Santa day

Woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep. Gave up at 5 and got up to carry on working on the online stuff. Some scattered news and links: Sciencence Magazine's top 10 scientific breakthrough's of 2007, the year in technology, and very basic HTML guide. I normally get FrontPage to write my HTML but after installing the trial version of its younger sibling Microsoft Expression Web a few days ago FrontPage decided to die on me, and I'm too lazy or busy to actually learn Expression Web, and one of the ideas that kept me from going back to sleep just now was maybe there's an OpenOffice FrontPage clone? Installing OpenOffice now...

(1hr later)

Weell.. it's not FrontPage but I guess it's not bad. No shortcuts, no preview, no tabs and I have to close the HTML files before I can upload them, but it's still easier to use than Aptana and I managed a much needed itemization/simplification of the overview section. Time to make some more coffee and sort out this blog header. I wonder how Eminem celebrates Christmas.

(1hr later)

Hmm... the header looks ok in Windows but on the Mac the background colors don't match, not sure why. Anyway, enough of that. Word just joined the Office strike, hope the OpenOffice alternative is good.
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