15 December 2007

Links and global warming

EPIC 2014 (8 min clip, every blogger needs to see this), Richard Feynman playing bongo drums (youtube clip), Are we training too many scientists? (article), NIH neuroscience webcasts, Phidgets, Inc. (lego for your USB port:), Future Scanner, Bill Gates & Steve Jobs interview (first of 10 youtube clips, really good stuff)

Also, am I right in assuming that the reason the US still resists limits on greenhouse emission isn't just greed, but also a belief that it's a bad idea to halt economical/technological progress for the sake of reductions in greenhouse emissions that won't have much of an effect anyway. They want us to put our faith, money and effort into finding alternative, super-science solutions? Can we stop throwing shit on the US for a day or two and discuss what this option really means?
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