05 December 2007

Another afternoon in the lab

The new NIE report on Iran. Why are there no proper comments by Iranian officials and what does Iran stand to loose by cooperating fully with the IAEA?

Great talk by Andrew Keen (blog) on why the UGC web revolution (web 2.0) is bad. I don't agree with him, mainly because I don't think that highly of traditional media or worry that it's being replaced by UGC, but it's a good argument presented in an excellent, very british way.

Different uses of the word iPlant: awesome 2006 graphic project by CorporateJesus.com, paper by Rich Jorgensen on 21st century plant biology, crappy 2005 sci-fiish article by Ion Zwitter

Finally, is it just me, or is Beowulf the most entertaining film of the year (tied with American Gangster of course)? Gotta love Crispin Glover and his golden mum.
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