11 November 2007

Jetlagged sunday

Filesharing (dn.se)
The Swedish legal system's reluctance to punish file-sharing makes me proud to be Swedish. What other country would spawn a blog like this one? Non-swedes look here.

Musharraf promises elections before January 9th 2008 (dn.se)
Is the military regime necessary to keep the country from imploding or not?

EEG driven wheelchair (dn.se)
Good stuff. I may have underestimated our ability to eliminate noise from extracranial recordings, this could be huge..

Will Facebook join OpenSocial? (readwriteweb.com)
Damn good question, hard to answer (I'd put my money on yes).

Toxic Chinese toys
How the hell does liquid ecstasy get into 4.2 million kids toys by accident?

Evolution of animal personality
Short- vs long-term reproductive strategies as a basis for personality.

What robot programmers do when bored (directneuralinterface.blogspot.com)
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