22 November 2007

End of the week approaching, still no learning

Bloodpressure at noon: 126/69, pulse 58. How much coffee is too much coffee? 5 cups per day? 10? 20? Sleeping problems? Shakes? Mania? Ulcers? The logic of this addiction is foreign to me. And I'm still avoiding sweetners, how cancerogenic (cervical and non-cervical) are they? There's too much milk in capuchinos, that's for sure.

Today's TED talks:
Steven Pinker on how violence has been DECLINING massively over the centuries w
The 20th century was not the most violent century the world has ever seen. Thanks, finally, a bit of sobriety.
Sherwin Neuland on his personal experience of electroconvulsive shock therapy
David Deutch on astrophysics
Jokes :)
Malcom Gladwell on what businesses can learn from the history of pasta sauce
Berry Schwartz on why increased choice on the market is making us miserable
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